About us:

We’re a small group of people who shared a dream of redesigning the vacation experience; leveraging superior design and exceptional service to create memories that guests would cherish during their holidays and forever.

Let’s Sea made its debut 15 years ago as a chic beachside bistro, a wonderfully relaxed hangout with an exceptional menu, an impressive wine catalogue and a refreshingly informal vibe.

Our restaurant still sits at the beachfront, still welcomes diners from its earliest days, but now comes with stunning resort attached, to welcome visitors from far further afield.

As our footprint has expanded, we've never lost focus on the ambiance we create for our guests. We never stop striving to deliver the perfect blend of thoughtful design, extraordinary facilities and exceptional service; above all, we're still completely committed to delivering the wonderful memories that should be part and parcel of every great vacation.

Vision: (Where we want to be)

To be recognized as Hua Hin’s premier boutique resort and restaurant with an unrivalled reputation for quality, service and creative flair

Mission: (How to get there)

We leverage the highest standards in accommodation, facilities, and service to consistently deliver elegant, unpretentious, unforgettable vacation experiences to our guests.

We’re design focused, we implement smart, tasteful solutions that transform the simple into the spectacular.

We constantly seek out and implement innovative approaches in every aspect of our offering.

We strive for top-tier financial performance to deliver exceptional service and facilities to our guests, maintain the value of our resort, and deliver generous remuneration to all our employees.

Values: (The things we believe)

We’re an Asset to our Community
We conduct our business in a way that enhances and protects our immediate environment and the wider municipality. We strive to support Hua Hin as a desirable destination for local and international vacation seekers.

Holidays Happen in the Heart
We strive to create meaningful emotional connections with our guests, through personal, individualized service that reflects legendary Thai hospitality at its very finest.

Quality is the Best Marker of Value
In offering the best in personalized service, stunning facilities and a uniquely individual ambiance, we can realize our vision, ensure our revenues, and safeguard our future.