Local Attractions

Hua Hin’s major attraction is the five-kilometer beach, that has long been a favorite destination for local Thais. The beach can be busy in the central and northern parts, but the stretch adjacent to the hotel is quiet and often empty; a perfect place for a little gentle exercise, a romantic stroll, or the humble bliss of a little sand between your toes.

The Royal Klai Kang Won Summer Palace

Klai Kang Won Palace was constructed in the late 1920 by King Rama VII. The Estate was designed to mirror European style of that era; the name can be translated as ‘far from worry’. The palace is still used by the Royal Family today and was a favorite retreat of the sadly missed King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama lX).

Marukhathaiyawan Palace

This beachside palace was formerly used as a royal summer residence by King Rama VI, designed by an Italian architect and built of golden teak. The Palace is also named The Palace of Love and Hope and comprises a number of buildings connected by open walkways

Khao Takieb

At the southern tip of Hua Hin Beach, you’ll find the temple- topped hill of Khao Takieb (Chopstick Mountain). The hill is well worth exploring for its scattering of Buddhist shrines and the panoramic views, many small macaques have made the hilltop trees their home.

Sam Roi Yod National Park

Sam Roi Yod (Three hundred peaks) is a quietly spectacular national park located about 40-minutes drive south of Hua Hin. The park covers 24,500 acres and includes marshlands that support a wide variety of waterfowl, and mangrove swamps where you can find fiddler crabs, and mudskipper fish that happily wander about on the mud banks.

Pa-La-U Waterfall

Pa-La-U Waterfall is well worth a visit not just for the waterfall itself but for the beautiful scenery you’ll pass en-route. The waterfall itself is a fifteen-tier cascade and one of the highest in Thailand. In the basin of the third tier there’s a large pool offering a wonderful opportunity to cool off. The surrounding forest provides a habitat for many animal species; it’s not unusual to hear gibbons howling from the treetops.

Kaeng Krachan National Park

Pa-La-U Waterfall sits within Kaeng Krachan Park, Thailand's largest national park, located approximate 60 km northwest of Hua Hin. The park extends towards the Burmese border to the west, covering forested hills, mountains and waterways. A major focal point is a vast man-made reservoir impounded by a 58-metre-high and 760-metre-long earth filled dam. The forest is home to 420 different species of birds and 57 different animals including leopards and bears.

Royal Hua Hin Golf Course

The first golf course in Thailand, built in 1924, and set among the rolling coastal hills. A notable hole is the 14th, that offers an exotic glimpse of a Buddhist temple halfway up a densely wooded slope.

Hua Hin Night Market

Popular among visitors and locals for street food, souvenirs, clothing and bric-a-brac, the night market is a must visit destination. The market is open daily from early evening and closes at 11:00pm. Look beyond the stalls lining the street and you’ll find a lot of restaurants offering a variety of seafood dishes.

Cicada (Hua Hin Weekend Night Market)

Cicada Weekend Market is a relatively new destination in Hua Hin and is located close to the hotel. The market opens 17:00 pm – 11:00 pm and is a great place to shop for local souvenirs and perhaps grab a quick snack. The market has a lively, contemporary, arts and crafts feel and you can sometimes see performances from local performers.

Golfers’ Paradise

Hua Hin has many world-class golf courses, many of which are within a 5 to 30 minute drive from Let’s Sea. The greens are very well maintained and the local staff friendly and helpful. Some of the courses are situated right next to the sea and some located to the west of the city, nestled among pineapple farms and tree covered hills - whichever you opt for you’re guaranteed a great day on the greens.

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